Family Frustration Grows as Search for Missing University Student Riley Strain Continues in Nashville

In Nashville, Tennessee, the disappearance of University of Missouri student Riley Strain has left his loved ones anxious and frustrated as the search for him enters its second week.

On March 8, the 22-year-old fraternity member was captured on surveillance footage near Luke Bryan’s bar in Nashville, around 10 PM, just before he vanished.

According to family friend Chris Dingman, Strain’s last text message was sent to a woman he was seeing, responding to her inquiry with the words “Good lops,” which puzzled her.

Despite efforts to find him, including extensive searches and the discovery of Strain’s bank card by the Cumberland River, there has been no sign of him, leaving his family increasingly desperate for answers.

Adding to their frustration, it took over a week for the authorities to release new body camera footage showing Strain briefly interacting with a police officer on Gay Street before his disappearance.

The delay in releasing footage and the handling of tips has left Strain’s family feeling disheartened and confused about the progress of the investigation.

In addition to the search efforts, the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission is investigating whether Strain was overserved alcohol before his disappearance.

The TC Restaurant Group, overseeing the bar where Strain was last seen, stated that their records indicate he purchased one alcoholic drink and two waters during his time there.

Despite the challenges, Strain’s family remains determined to find him, expressing their unwavering commitment to not giving up until he is located.

As the search continues, the community is asking to come forward with any information that could help bring Strain home safely.

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