Apple iPhone SE 4 to Sport OLED Display from Chinese Manufacturer

According to recent sources, Apple’s much awaited iPhone SE 4, also known as the fourth version of the ‘Special Edition’ smartphone, is believed to include an OLED screen provided by a Chinese business. Negotiations between Apple and potential display suppliers have been closely watched, with three companies initially in talks for the midrange device’s display. However, one supplier dropped out of negotiations due to cost concerns.

Per a report from ZDNet Korea, citing industry sources, Chinese electronic component manufacturer BOE (Jingdongfang) has secured the bid to produce OLED screens for the speculated iPhone SE 4. The bidding process included three major suppliers: Samsung, BOE, and Tianma.

BOE is poised to become the primary supplier for the iPhone SE 4’s display after Samsung exited the competition citing business feasibility issues. Reportedly, Samsung Display proposed a price range of $35 to $40 per display unit, whereas Chinese companies, including BOE, aimed for $30 per unit. Apple, however, offered a lower price of $25 per unit, prompting Samsung to halt negotiations in mid-March. Samsung’s decision was partly influenced by concerns over the profitability of manufacturing displays for the midrange iPhone SE 4, given Apple’s lower pricing.

While details about the iPhone SE 4’s design and features remain speculative, reports suggest similarities with the iPhone 14, potentially including support for Face ID. However, Apple has not yet officially revealed or gave any intentions for the launch of a new iPhone SE model. The current iPhone SE was introduced in 2022, and there’s been no confirmation from Apple regarding the development or release timeline for the iPhone SE 4.

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