Reach One, Teach One

Reach One, Teach One


2014 has come to an end, many things have changed, and many things have remained the same. God has allowed me to see 54 years on his earth, with each one bringing a different challenge and a new set of circumstances. As I reflect on these years, one major issue still rises to the top for me, and that is “Race” in this country.

I’ve always believed that God and education was and is the key to our survival, and the lack of either will be our demise. There appear to be those who choose to forget or ignore our past, while proclaiming to be God fearing individuals, knowing that the past shapes our present and future.

Racial inequality has been in place ever sense the slave ships docked on these shores. Through education by God-fearing men and women slavery was ended and Civil Rights reforms were adopted as law in this great country.

If we allow hatred to dominate our lives, then the travesty of ignorance will remain. The killings of the past few months that have gripped our nation are truly tragic in every aspect of the word.

Vengeance is not ours, God says it belongs to him.

Let us learn to coexist with God and education being the core in our daily lives. I believe we all want better, so let us simply be better. May God continue to bless you, and may God bless America.