Leaders Against Litter

Leaders Against Litter


Community Leaders Participate in Keep Louisiana Beautiful’s “Leaders Against Litter” event

 In an effort to educate and involve community leaders in the fight against litter in Louisiana, Keep Louisiana Beautiful (KLB) and twenty-three affiliates including Team Green SWLA participated in a statewide litter-a-thon on March 10, ending with a press conference in Baton Rouge when Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser announced the results.

Local government officials, business and community leaders joined Team Green SWLA across the one-mile route on 12th Street between Enterprise Blvd. and Hodges Street collecting various forms of litter to beautify the area in support of Lake Charles and volunteerism.

Mayor Randy Roach, Councilman Mark Eckard, Councilman Dana Jackson, Police Juror Nic Hunter, Police Juror Dennis Scott, and School Board Member Annette Ballard participated in the event. In addition to mayoral candidates Hunter and Jackson, other mayoral candidates present included Joseph Banks, Eligha Guillory, Jr., and Gary Monbelly. Other city council candidates present included Christopher Archinard, Lashawnda Bartie, Fantacee Brown, Eric Doshier, Priscilla Sam, Kelvin Naylor, Sr. and Johnnie Thibodeaux. Participating schools include St. Margaret’s Catholic, E.K. Key Elementary, and Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School.

KPLC-TV General Manager John Ware and numerous other local leaders collectively signed a pledge confirming their commitment to SPEAK UP and spread the word that litter is not acceptable, to PICK UP litter whenever they see it, and to STAND UP and lead the way for a litter-free Louisiana.

The pledge board is now a traveling display appearing at different locations in which other leaders and citizens can sign the pledge, engaging, even more, individuals and extending the impact of Leaders Against Litter.

Thirty bags and an estimated 550 pounds of trash, along with 2,500 cigarette butts, were collected by 71 community leaders at the fourth annual “Leaders Against Litter” event, hosted by Keep Greater Lake Charles Beautiful/Team Green SWLA.  Leaders Against Litter is a signature event created by KLB and supported by the Lieutenant Governor’s Office and Volunteer Louisiana that gives local leaders the opportunity to demonstrate their support for keeping Louisiana beautiful by leading the charge against litter in our community. The Leaders Against Litter events kicked off the Great American Cleanup held in the months of March, Apri,l and May.  Members of the community can become involved by contacting their local affiliate to learn about other upcoming events, volunteering opportunities, and cleanups.


The City of Lake Charles fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statutes and regulations in all programs and activities.

For more information, or to obtain a Title VI Complaint Form, see the City of Lake Charles website- www.cityoflakecharles.com  or call the Mayor’s Action Line at (337) 491-1346, or contact the appropriate Department Head, or call the Title VI coordinator at (337) 491-1440.