Ask Mr. Carl

Ask Mr. Carl

Ask Mr. Carl

For years I have heard individuals tell me that they know how to use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Yet when I ask the simplest questions about any of the three, they are mystified. Interviewers on the job scene are very well trained in technology, just as I am, to interview you. The ‘Workforce Industry’ will not waste their time. “Time is money”.

Do you know how to separate the First Name from the Last Name if they put both in one column? Do you know what to do after you hide a column to insure that the person behind you cannot, “Unhide” the columns you hid? Can you create an “Absolute Reference”? Can you “Insert” an Excel Worksheet into a Word document and make it functional so that the changes to the Excel Worksheet will be automatic? Do you know what the “Cloud” is and how to use the Applications that reside on it and how to Save those edits?

In the following year you will probably be editing Excel Worksheets “live” that are housed on the “Cloud”. Let me teach you. Sign up for Classes that are taught online or in my Training Center at and click on “Sign up Here”. Do you want to qualify for the jobs this year?